Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Blast from the past

In a shameless ripoff of my own work I will point you back to a post I wrote last year concerning storm surge. With the emergence of Tropical Storm Chantal down in the Caribbean it is a good time to review this important topic. Check out the full post here.

Think storm surge

Hurricane Sandy reminded mariners once again that it is very often the rise in water, called the "storm surge," that causes the worst destruction, especially to boats. We have all seen the photos of piles of boats washed out of marinas, boats sitting in places where they were never meant to go, and entire marinas just gone. And, most of that destruction was due to the tremendous surge of water brought ashore by the storm. At New York's Battery (the southern tip of Manhattan), the record-setting storm surge was more than 14 feet above mean high water. Boats hauled out of the water on nearby City Island were no longer safe as waves rolled ashore.

For the rest of this post published last year, click here.

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