Monday, August 27, 2012

New chartbook available for your trip south

The new sixth edition of my ICW chartbook is now available and you can purchase it at Amazon, or ask at your local marine store.

The new edition includes all the latest charts, still in our unique "flip-chart" format. Just start at page one and proceed down the entire ICW, flipping from page to page all in order. This is still the handiest way to follow along as you proceed down the Waterway, but if you also use an electronic chart plotter this book is a perfect companion to it. Let the electronics keep track of exactly where you are, while you use the chartbook to look ahead and plan for what is coming up.

Or use the chartbook to look for a marina, fuel dock, or anchorage for the night. New in this edition, we've identified the locations of marinas right on the charts, and then in a listing we provide GPS coordinates and the marina phone numbers. Of course we also locate hundreds of great anchorages on the charts, and provide brief descriptions in the back.

And, as before we include all the major alternate routes, like the Dismal Swamp Canal and Umbrella Cut, as well as charts to get you in and out of all the major inlets.


Sean Fleischman said...

Landfall Navigation has this great new edition in stock now!

Thank you John & Leslie for all the hard work.

John J. Kettlewell said...

Thanks for the nice comment! Hope you have a great trip.